We work with our mills to make sure that we purchase fibres where the best farming practices are used for our undyed yarns, and we aim to source our fibres from the ones that fit our own and our customers standards. 

Where are our fibres sourced?

Our Blue-faced Leicester is British, this comes from small farms all over the UK, and is purchased through the British Wool Marketing board on our behalf. The fibres are then scoured and Superwash Treated in the UK to the highest environmental standards possible.

Our Merinos come from various sources (not Australia), we specify that none of our merino fibres are to come from farms practising mulesing. Our Merino is mulesing free.

The non-super wash Merino is Peruvian merino, this comes from small herders in the mountains where sheep are their livelihoods, it's in their interest to look after their livestock, in order to receive the highest price possible for their fleece and guarantee themselves an income. Our Peruvian mill also provide education programmes to help herders get the best out of their animals.

The superwash Merino comes from Argentina and Uruguay and is sourced from many farms of varying sizes, from smaller to larger farms.