How we hold and treat your data.

Email addresses:

If you are on our email list this is because you are a customer and need to receive updates about shipping, deliveries, stock levels and new products. We have an unsubscribe button on every email, you are also able to opt out of email at any time by emailing is on

This information is never passed to any third party and is used by Chester Wool Co only. We use your email address to communicate with you about orders and may use your email address to send automated updates to you about your parcel tracking with our couriers, this information is only accessed by us.

Personal information.

Addresses are stored on external courier systems for shipping, these are for our use only. We may include your name, business name, invoice and shipping address and VAT number on our accounting system for invoicing purposes.

Other than this we hold no other data records for customers and no data is ever passed to other organisations.

Phone numbers

If you have contacted us by phone and call us on a regular basis to make orders or communicate about your orders we may save your telephone number as a contact on the Chester Wool Mobile.

Social Media

You may follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest and Twitter. We do not store customer lists for these platforms or use this information outside of each individual platform. If we would like to share any posts customers have made we will always ask for permission first.

How do I request a copy of the data you hold about me?

If you would like to request a copy of your data held by us, please email Jeni on or call us, we will need to verify you have the right to access the data you are requesting, but we will deal with any requests in a timely manner.