Education Sponsorship

We are very proud to be sponsoring  Peruvian children each year for full time education, when they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford to attend school, these children live in the remote areas of the Mountains in Peru and wouldn't normally have access to good education. Our sponsorship covers education food and board during the week for 5 children each year.  More about this soon.

Andean Handspun yarn project.

Our Chunky handspun yarns were commissioned in conjunction with our mill in order to support a hand spinning project in the highland communities in Puno. Combining the women's spinning skills with modern yarn designs has created these beautiful hand spun yarns which are not only wonderful to dye and knit with but also provide these small highland communities with more trade, enabling them to maintain their way of life as it has been for generations.  By supporting this program we are helping to keep their skills alive and also the mountain villages themselves, where sheep and alpaca have been farmed for centuries, keeping families together by giving them the opportunity to earn money without having to move away from rural areas.  You can see pics and read more here.

Mini Skeins

This is not a social project a such, but its a heartening story. Often we asked for products to be made by the mill that are a bit outside of the box. Mini Skeins being one of them. One of the mill workers built some winding machines for his wife, and she set up a small company which currently employs 16 young women to make the mini skeins, its a super little company, and when we went to Peru to visit our mill we swung by to take a look at this operation. It was wonderful, and I feel really proud that our business can support such clever businesses, especially when it comes to employing women, who otherwise might not have other opportunities.