Sprinkle Dyeing

One of the best things about dyeing, is messing about and seeing what happens. I certainly find there is nothing worse than having to recreate the same thing over and over again, that takes all the fun out of it!

I often like to mess about and try different techniques, its good to not be scared to make mistakes, after all the great thing about dyeing is we can over dye anything we don't like right?

So.. this is our chunky singles yarn  (49417) a yarn which I always feel is a little unloved, its quick to dye, and sucks up the colour because its super wash merino, and it is so quick to knit, as you will see below..

This yarn is chunky and as its a singles it has a large surface area, which makes it perfect for catching sprinkles.

I soaked this yarn first in water and vinegar, and then used 3 colours and gently sprinkled them on, wrapped them up and steamed them for 30 mins. Hey presto I got pretty yarn...

This yarn knits SO quickly, I made this hat in about 3 hours, a bit less I think the hat takes 1 hank and the pom pom was out  of the second hank, not bad going me thinks, a great knit for presents or gift.

And here is the lovely Rachel Coopey modelling it :D

Happy Dyeing!