Making Yarn

The fibre story so far, the fibres have been washed, dried, carded into sliver and then into rovings, these are then spun into a thick loosely twisted pencil roving ready for spinning:

Ok, I love this next video, when we talk about air splices in the yarn this is what we mean. When the yarn breaks the machine grabs the end (I think it actually sucks it to find the end on the cone) and then pulls it down, pulls the other end up and puffs the air through both ends together to join them. I think sometimes people get quite upset about splices, and of course lots of them are not acceptable, but actually, they are part and parcel of the natural process, and the wastage that would occur if this didn't happen would be sacrilege, as the ends are plied together the splices get incorporated into the yarn and most are not noticeable.